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Traveling Carnival Workers: 4 Financial Impacts To Consider In A Settlement Case

The summer is a busy time for traveling carnival workers. Every weekend there is a new location to travel to and set up your attraction at. Along with visiting all these different locations, you are often spending a lot of time on the roads between stops. If you've been involved in a car accident during your carnival travels, then you may seek a settlement case for your injuries. Along with compensation for hospitalization and medical costs, there are other factors that can impact your case. By breaking down the following four impacts, you can ensure that you receive an appropriate amount of compensation for the accident.

Carnival Rides & Gear

Along with your main mode of transportation, it's often common for carnival workers to tow their own gear. During your travels, you may bring along rides, food booths, or carnival game attractions. If an accident occurs, those items may get damaged and need to be replaced or repaired. When someone else is liable for the accident, an attorney can help you seek reimbursement for the damaged items. Carnival equipment can quickly add up in costs, so it's important to get full compensation for these damages so you can still return to the carnival travels with the gear that you intended.

Missed Carnival Events

As you deal with injuries sustained in an accident, you will likely end up missing some carnival events. These events can represent a large loss of income that would not have occurred if the car accident didn't take place. As you move forward with a settlement case, you can work with an attorney to determine the exact amount of income that was lost. This income can be based on an hourly basis plus any extras you made as a carnival worker.

For example, if you worked at a carnival game booth, you may have received extra bonuses for reaching a certain amount of sales. These amounts can be compared to past carnival events from both previous weekends and past events at the same venue. For example, there may be a city that you visit each year where the income doubles the typical carnival due to crowd sizes. All of these factors will be included in your final total of lost income through the settlement case.

Physical Therapy

Setting up and operating carnival rides requires a lot of physical activity. You are often standing for hours, must lift heavy machinery, and all of these movements can take a lot of physical effort. As you heal through car accident injuries, you may have to attend physical therapy sessions to get your body back into proper shape. These sessions may involve strength and balance exercises, along with building your endurance back up again. If your insurance doesn't cover all of these costs, then the extra fees can become part of your settlement case. An attorney can use bills and estimates on future appointments to help you receive compensation.

Carnival Living Expenses

When traveling on the road for a carnival, the vehicle that you travel in may also be your living quarters. Whether you're driving an RV or tenting in the back of a truck, your second home could get destroyed during the car crash. Before you can travel back home or purchase a new home on wheels, you may have to seek alternative accommodations. An attorney can help you receive compensation for costs related to hotel, motel, and campground rentals. These rentals may be essential to your travels and visiting doctors near the area where you were injured. You may also have additional travel expenses like plane flights or taxi rides that could get added to your settlement case. Including all of these expenses can make a big difference on the final settlement that you receive.

The first step in moving forward with your case is contacting a lawyer from the state where the accident occurred. This will help get the process started and give you the proper information you need. Talk with an attorney directly or click this link for more information.