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Company Legal Issues You Can And Can't Handle On Your Own

When you run a business, everything is your responsibility, from marketing to payroll. However, one thing that doesn't necessarily need to be up to you is handling legal matters. There are some legal situations that come up that you and your qualified staff can handle, but for other situations you should really have a company lawyer. Here are some things you can and can't handle on your own.

Terminating Employment When a Lawsuit is Possible

In most cases, you can terminate employees without ever involving an attorney, but there are some situations that are a little tricky. Typically, if you think the employee might sue, claiming discrimination as the reason for their termination, then you need to get a lawyer right away. For example, if an employee is pregnant, but you fired them for misconduct, they can claim they were fired due to the pregnancy. You need a good attorney to prove this is not in fact the case. Also hire an attorney if that employee threatens you or other employees when they leave after being terminated.

Turning Your Company Into a Corporation

Most things surrounding starting your business, choosing a name or trademark, and selecting a legal structure can be done on your own. You can get legal advice, but typically you don't need to have a lawyer on your payroll for these decisions. This is also true when switching your business structure to an LLC or corporation, which can seem complicated but just requires some simple paperwork. If you are forming a partnership, you might want some legal advice to make sure your contracts provide enough details about the partnership, so keep that in mind.

Handling Lawsuits That Come Up

Regardless of the type of business you have, you might eventually have to deal with litigation. This is when it is helpful to have a company lawyer. This can be anything from an employee claiming they were mistreated or sexually harassed in the workplace to a customer filing a lawsuit against one of your products they claim caused them harm. Do not attempt to show up to court alone and battle litigations on your own unless you are a licensed attorney.

You Can Write Up Contracts Yourself

Unless the contract is highly complicated, you should be able to handle non-disclosure agreements and contracts between your company and your customers or vendors on your own. Again, don't be afraid to ask for legal advice as needed. Check out a law firm's website to read more on this topic.