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Four Records You Will Need To Show That You Deserve Custody Of Your Child

In order to get custody of your child, you need to show that you deserve to have the child. The court will be interested in your relationship with the child prior to the custody hearing, and not just the few days leading up to it. Having these four records will help you do just that:


One of the best ways of getting custody of your child is to show that you have a strong parent-child relationship with your kid. Doing this improves your chances of getting custody because once you show this strong connection, courts will be reluctant to sever it since they understand how beneficial it is to the child.

 Visiting your child regularly is a good way of showing your relationship with the child. Since the court won't just accept your word for it, and the other parent may dispute your testimony, you need records for your visitations with the child. It's even best if you have witnesses, such as other family members or neighbors, who can back up your claims.

Attendance of Social gatherings

Sticking to a rigid visitation schedule isn't great for showing your relationship with the child. You also need to show an involvement and interest in the social gathering that interest or benefits your child. This includes special occasions such as birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and similar occasions.

Child Support Payments

In addition to showing a strong connection with your kid, you also need to show that you care for them financially. This is significant because minors usually don't have the financial resources to take care of themselves; they depend on parents. Here, records of your child support payments as well as other expenditures will be of great help. When you pay school fees for the child, buy clothes and toys or pay for their after school piano lessons, keep the receipts to use as evidence in your custody trial.

Involvement in School Activities

Many people will agree that education is the best gift they can give their children; it's a great way of ensuring that the kids have a secure financial future. Therefore, you also need to prove that you have been interested in the child's education. Apart from paying school fees, this interest should also be evidence in other ways such as attendance of school parents' day, involvement in school plays, and a show of interest in the child's performance.

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