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Ways To Get Around Using The U.S. Flag In Your Company's Logo

For many businesses, it can be tempting to include an image of the U.S. flag in their logo. Doing so can show that you're a patriot and draw other like-minded individuals to your business. What you might not realize, however, is that using the flag in any form of advertising is against  the Flag Code. You don't want your use of the flag in your logo to get you in hot water, so it's a good idea to speak to a trademark attorney who can assure you that you've done everything by the book. When you work on your branding, here are some ways to legally get around using the flag.

Employ The Colors

There's no law that stipulates that you can't use the three colors of the flag, so think about using them predominantly in your logo instead of using imagery of the flag. For example, if you have three lines of text in the logo, include one line in red, another line in white, and the third line in blue. This type of look will immediately bring peoples' attention to the flag, but without you actually using it. A graphic artist can even choose the right shades of  red and blue that are used in the flag.

Include A Star

Another design element that is advantageous to include if you were leaning toward featuring a flag in your logo but advised by your trademark attorney not to is a star. People who see the star will recognize its link with the flag, especially if you feature red, white, and blue in your logo. There are numerous ways that you can include a star, depending on how you want the logo to look. For example, one simple and understated way is to feature the outline of a star inside of a letter, such as inside of a stylized letter "O."

Add Relevant Wording

You might have been keen on including a flag in your logo to convey the message that your company is American owned or that it produces products in the United States. Instead of using the flag, you can simply include relevant wording in your branding. While you might not want to incorporate excess wording into the logo itself, you can make a relevant slogan appear on your marketing material. For example, something as simple as, "American Owned" is arguably more effective than displaying a flag. Consult with a trademark attorney, like Lingbeck Law Office, once you have some logo and branding mock-ups to share.