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Making A Good Impression For Your DUI Court Appearance

Appearances count, particularly those where you hope to impress the powers that be of your good intentions. If you are about to appear in court in relation to a driving under the influence charge, it pays to look good. The impression you make on the judge and others can either make you appear lazy and sloppy or professional and responsible. The way your charges are handled are, in part, based on the way you present yourself to the court. Showing respect with your grooming and clothing show that you will also respect the law in the future. Read on for some tips to make a good impression when you appear in court.

General Appearance Guidelines

If you were to consult with your attorney, you would probably be advised to "look respectable". Though this advice is good, you may need more detailed information. In general, you should consider dressing as though you were attending a somber event like a funeral and wear the best clothes you own. It's not necessary to wear a dress or a suit and tie, but you should wear cleaning, pressed, and appropriate clothing. Attend to your personal grooming, as well, by wearing your hair neatly, attending to facial hair, clear under your nail, and attend to your breath.

Courthouse Rules

Many courtrooms have their own rules based on local rules and the judge's wishes. For example, you should reconsider if you want to appear in court wearing a tee shirt with inappropriate content on it. Most judges dislike hats on men, sunglasses indoors, and showing too much skin.

Guidelines for Women:

  • Try to stick the following for your court appearance:
  • A dress in an appropriate length.
  • Pants that are not torn jeans.
  • A blouse that is not too low cut or see-through.

Guidelines for Men:

  • Pants that are either dress pants or khaki-type casual pants and don't forget a belt (judges also hate pants that droop around your hips).
  • Dress shirts or polo shirts.
  • Optionally, a jacket with or without a tie. Ditch the tie if you have no jacket
  • Avoid sandals, tank tops, and tee shirts. This is no trip to the beach.

Both men and women should seriously reconsider wearing flip flops, workout wear, pajamas, and athletic shoes.

Don't be tempted to assume that the way you look is not important. Regardless of the seriousness of the DUI charge, a willingness to show that you understand what is expected of you when you appear in court is vital and will influence your case. Reach out to a professional like Barry W Engle PC for more help.