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Why You Need An Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident

Hiring an attorney after an accident is common, but if you are in an accident that you did not cause, it is critical that you have an attorney that understands the kind of accident you where and how the law regarding it works. A motorcycle accident can be a tough call sometimes, but in more cases than not, the driver that hit the motorcycle is at fault, not the motorcycle.

Who Is at Fault?

The determination of who is at fault in an accident often falls to the police officer that responds to the accident scene. If you believe that the accident was the other party's fault, but the report says it is your fault, challenging it in court is your best option.

Many times the accident is deemed no-fault, meaning that no party is entirely at fault for the accident. Still, if you are injured as a result of the accident, You may have a hard time getting anything from the insurance company of the accident is listed as a no-fault crash. Your lawyer can hire a reconstruction team to work out precisely what happened at the time of the accident and help positively determine who was at fault, and what happened to cause the crash in the first place.

Recovering Damages

If you are injured and can't work or are restricted in some way because of the accident, you may need to have some settlement or award from the insurance company to be able to live on. In some situations, that settlement can make a real difference for you. 

If you were in the hospital for any length of time, the bills that are associated with injuries you got during the accident should be paid for by the insurance company of the driver if they did cause the crash. While your insurance company may pay the bill, they will want to recover some of their money as well.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

For some people, hiring a lawyer and going to court to change the fault of the accident can be less about money and more about making sure that the accident does not appear on their license. For people that drive for a living, having any kind of accident on their driving record can cause problems for them later.

The potential monetary loss as a result of losing perspective work because of the accident can be a substantial one, so challenging the determination in court may help them keep the job they have, and be better able to get a different job driving for someone in the future.

For more information, contact a motorcycle accident attorney.