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Common Types Of Joint Injuries After A Car Accident

A truck accident can lead to all sorts of horrible injuries due to the size of the truck. Even a small collision may lead to you suffering from all sorts of joint injuries. Joint injuries can be some of the worst injuries you can experience because they can affect your mobility and the overall qualify of your life. There are several joints in particular that are often damaged by an accident.


A shoulder injury from a truck accident can be debilitating for a long time. When you try to lift heavy objects or raise your arms above your head, you might experience shoulder pain. Oftentimes, shoulder pain is an extension of a neck injury that you might have suffered. During this injury, the muscles and nerves connected to the shoulder can be affected as well. You might also suffer a shoulder injury due to whiplash or your shoulder may simply be crushed during the accident. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may never use your arm again.


Hip injuries can be among the most debilitating because the hip is a load-bearing joint. Depending on how severe your hip injury is, you may find it difficult to walk. This can make it very difficult for you to fully enjoy life and you may not be able to work. Even if your hips only experience a minor injury, you may find it hard to participate in sports or other activities you might have once enjoyed. Your hips are most often damaged from the crushing effects of your accident. 


The severity of your knee injury depends on your age, physical condition, and the severity of your injury. If you do not treat your knee injury properly, you might suffer long-term consequences. However, even if you do have your knee treated properly, it may never heal completely.

Civil Litigation

Because your joint injuries may affect you for the rest of your life, the commercial truck driver's insurance provider may pay you a substantial sum not only to pay for your medical bills but to also pay for pain and suffering and any lost wages and future wages. 

With these types of accidents, one of the main challenges is calculating the full extent of your injuries. For this reason, you will likely need help from an experienced truck accident attorney who has handled cases involving joint injuries. Look for a truck accident lawyer in your area to learn more.