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A Car Accident Lawyer Helps Clients Obtain Reasonable Settlements

Insurance was invented to provide monetary compensation that would prevent financial burdens. However, insurers still try to avoid paying out huge sums if they can do so. After a vehicle collision, the insurance company may make a relatively low settlement offer. A claimant may suspect that this offer is unreasonable but might not know how to proceed.

Consulting a car accident lawyer is advisable. During a free consultation, the attorney evaluates the situation and determines whether the person would benefit from legal representation.


The claimant must understand that the insurer is only required to pay the maximum of the policy. In no-fault states, each vehicle owner's insurance makes the payments to their policyholder no matter who was at fault. Most states, though, are "fault" states. The insurer of the driver responsible for the accident is liable for paying its policyholder's expenses as well as anyone else who was negatively affected.

Negotiation Skills

An individual without significant professional experience in negotiating or tort law may have no idea what a reasonable counteroffer would be. This person also may not know how to convince the insurer to be more cooperative.

Prior Cases

Once an attorney is involved, insurance adjusters tend to become more cooperative. They realize that lawyers can learn about similar cases and the settlements that were paid. If the situation is unusual, the lawyer or a staff member can research prior cases with similarities to this one.

A Thorough Investigation

Another advantage of hiring a car accident attorney is the lawyer's ability to thoroughly investigate the circumstances. Typically, that is impossible for an individual, especially someone who is recovering from serious injuries. A private investigator or expert witness could be required to add support to the claim. The staff attempts to locate witnesses who were at the scene and are willing to offer their viewpoints. Police records are obtained and reviewed.

Avoiding a Lawsuit

Insurance companies also don't want the risk of a lawsuit. This is public record and can damage their reputation. Current policyholders and potential customers might not want to do business with this corporation, worrying that claims will be denied. In addition, going to court is expensive.

Expenses to Be Paid

After the attorney resolves any disputes with the insurer, an acceptable settlement is negotiated. The amount should cover property damage, medical expenses and ongoing therapy, and lost wages. If the person is experiencing symptoms of emotional trauma, a request might be made for counseling sessions with a psychologist.