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Multi-Car Accidents: How Your Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Determine Fault

Assigning liability in a multi-car collision can be a daunting task. However, it's crucial to figure out the driver who first acted negligently. Therefore, if you've been involved in such an accident recently, you need evidence to receive sufficient compensation. Here are four ways car accident attorneys can help you determine fault.

Witness testimonies

Eyewitnesses who saw what happened during the accident can provide written statements. After a crash, you can ask for contact details from those who witnessed everything. Your car accident attorney can interview those people as part of gathering adequate evidence. Besides that, other passengers who got involved in the crash can help assign liability. Your lawyer can talk to four or more people and corroborate their stories. 

Extent of damages

After a crash, your car could suffer damages that can help prove liability. However, you might need to take a couple of photos that your attorney can use to build a strong case. Therefore, if possible, take lots of pictures. Clear images showing the impact on your vehicle will help you seek just settlement from your insurer. 

Remember to capture the accident scene to show the extent of the damages. If you're injured, keep all the hospital bills in order. Also, if you can take pictures of your injuries, they would be helpful when filing a claim.

Police reports

Usually, responding officers report to a scene after a car accident. These officers file all the details that led to the collision. This information is important, and your attorney can obtain crucial details that can help point out who was truly at fault. The best part is that your car accident attorneys can request written statements. That way, you can have sufficient evidence for your case.

Essentially, police reports can contain the following:

  • Pictures
  • Videos 

Such proof carries weight since it is detailed and precise, and it will help your attorney determine who's to blame for the accident.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance footage from nearby buildings and businesses can help your car accident attorneys assign liability in a multi-car accident. In addition to that, traffic cameras might have recorded the whole thing. Your lawyer can work with law enforcement officers to check all these videos. The surveillance tapes will show whether one of the drivers was to blame.

Perhaps poor road conditions contributed to the crash. Bad weather, such as fog, could cause a multi-car accident.

If you've recently been involved in a multi-car accident, your car accident attorneys will use the above methods to help you establish fault and build a strong case. For more information, go to website to learn more.