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What Reasons Can Lead An Insurance Company To Deny Auto Accident Claims?

Accidents, and their after-effects, create numerous problems for the victims, affecting their quality of life. As such, the liable party's insurance provider is required to provide compensation to cover hospital expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and lost income. However, it's not always easy to get compensation from an insurer.

Remember, these firms may not be too eager to provide the compensation that victims deserve, so their representatives will likely work to reduce or avoid the payout. The following are some reasons why your claim may get denied.

Coverage Issues

The first thing the insurance company does after receiving an application for a payout is to review your policy documents as the insured. If they realize that there isn't a plan in place, they will likely not pay the amount you are asking for. These providers deny the claim, e.g., after determining that the policy has lapsed. It could be that you did not make the premium payments as scheduled, chose to cancel the coverage, or the provider no longer exists.

Additionally, every insurance policy has a list of insured risks versus those that aren't covered. You will, therefore, face a denial if they find that the losses aren't included among the risks covered. This is why before filing the case, it's crucial to thoroughly review your documents, preferably with a lawyer, to confirm that you're covered.

The Injury's Cause Can't be Ascertained

When filing a claim, it's essential that you provide irrefutable proof that injury or property damage has occurred. The provider will likely decline if there's no evidence or if the case isn't presented favorably. In some cases, the provider may assert that your wounds were present before the accident or that your careless conduct worsened them. So get a lawyer to assist you with the investigation and evidence gathering so you can provide irrefutable proof to avoid a denial.

You Didn't File on Time

Many insurance providers have strict deadlines for clients filing a claim. So whether you are injured or not, you'll need to comply in order to receive the compensation. For this reason, it's crucial to act fast and get in touch with the provider as soon as possible. You are advised not to do this on your own because you'll likely be in a vulnerable emotional and psychological state and also in recovery. Instead, engage a reputable motor accident attorney to handle the matter in its entirety.

Legal practitioners play a vital role in the insurance claim process, so get one before filing for compensation. Besides helping you with the documents and filing process, they will represent you in the courtroom or negotiate on your behalf if the insurance company decides to settle out of court.

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