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Get Help From An Attorney After Your Car Accident

When you are in a car accident, you have to give the other driver your insurance information and your contact information. You also need to call the police about the accident to have a copy of the police report for your insurance company. The police will also want to have that information so that they can make sure that you are driving legally and give anyone who has earned a ticket their ticket. If the other driver or their insurance company decides to sue you, they can use that information to file the suit and serve you a notice. If you are getting sued, you must find an attorney to help and defend you. To help the attorney do that, you will need to give them a few things. 

Police Report 

One of the things that you need to give your attorney is a copy of the police report. Even if the other driver says that the accident is too minor to bother the police about, you need to call them. The police report is an official document where the responding officer has written down what they were told happened, what they saw, and any conclusions or faults. Providing the police report to your attorney makes it easier for them to contest what the other side may be saying because the report will have what each driver said on the day of the accident. It can be hard to contest that information. Getting a copy of the police report should be pretty straightforward. You can go to the police department to request it, or they may have a portal you can access online and request it there. 

Your Account

You should also give your attorney a copy of your account of the accident. You should write this account down as soon after your accident as possible. This is because your brain will subconsciously start to fill in details, and you may add in things that didn't happen even though your brain thinks that they did. This is normal, as your brain does not like information gaps, so it tries to fill them in. All of that means that you should write down your side of the story as soon after your accident as possible so that you can give it to your attorney.

Getting into a car accident can be traumatic. Being sued for that car accident just adds insult to injury. If you are being sued, you need an attorney specializing in traffic law. They will need some information so that they can defend you appropriately.

Consult a car accident attorney to learn more.