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Been In An Auto Accident? Cell Phone Records May Help Prove Liability

When it comes to auto accidents, there are many forms of evidence that can be used to prove liability, including photos of the accident scene, eyewitness statement, reconstruction of the accident, and more. One piece of crucial evidence that many people tend to forget about is cell phone records, which can show that one of the drivers who was involved in the wreck was distracted when the collision occurred. Keep reading to learn more about how cell phone records can prove useful in an auto accident claim.

When Cell Phone Records May Be Needed

Each year, roughly 500,000 individuals are injured, with thousands more being killed, as a result of distracted driving. One of the main causes of these accidents is the use of cell phones. Drivers who fail to pay attention to the road while behind the wheel can be held legally responsible for the injuries that they cause in an accident, though many of them will outright deny that they were using a mobile phone at all or inform their insurance company that you were the one on the phone texting or talking. If there are no other eyewitnesses, the only way to prove who was responsible and gain traction for your personal injury claim is to have cell phone records pulled.

What Cell Phone Records Can Tell You and Your Attorney

Cell phone records tend to include detailed entries regarding the phone activity of each user, including the duration of each phone call down to the second. After police have determined the exact time of your car accident, your attorney can determine whether the other driver was sending a text, on a call, or using their data (the internet) when the wreck occurred. At the same time, your attorney may be able to utilize cell phone records in order to prove that you were not using your cell phone and are not responsible for causing the collision because of distracted driving, which can be helpful if you have been accused of being responsible for the accident and using your cell phone at the time of the crash.

If you have recently been involved in an auto collision and have reason to believe that the other driver was distracted with his or her cell phone at the time of the accident, it is important that you contact an car accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case and see what steps can be taken to pursue legal action.