Receiving Your First Company Stock Bonus? How You Can Avoid Insider Trading Charges

If you're employed at a publicly-traded company, you may be overjoyed to finally qualify for an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) that will allow you to purchase shares of your company's stock at a discount. In other cases, you may receive shares of your company's stock in lieu of a cash bonus at the end of the calendar year. While these benefits can provide you with a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and grow wealth, for those who sometimes come across confidential information in the course of their official duties, handling the purchase and sale of company stock can seem like a dicey matter.

Struggling To Maintain A Part-Time Job While Dealing With Mental Illness? Can You Receive Disability Payments?

If you suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or one of any number of mental health conditions that can cause fatigue and lowered motivation, you may find the mere act of rousing yourself from bed or getting dressed to be exhausting. In these situations, the thought of holding down a full-time job while battling your mental illness could seem tantamount to running a marathon. However, subsisting on a part-time income in a high cost of living area may be enough to leave you homeless or bankrupt in short order.

Three Types Of Injuries To Watch For After A Car Accident

With nearly ten million vehicles involved in traffic accidents in 2013, that's a lot of potential injuries. If you've never been in a car accident before, not only are you lucky, but you may also not know what to expect in the event that one does happen. Understanding the most common injuries that you're likely to experience can help you determine your overall condition after that first accident. This is important, because it will help you recognize when you need to seek not only medical care but also legal support.

What To Do After You're Hit By Someone On Legal Marijuana

Seventy-eight years after the prohibition of marijuana, it's legal in four states--Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado, along with Washington D.C. According to NORML, 11 more states might be joining the cause. These include California, Nevada, California, Minnesota, and several New England states. While many people don't seem to have an issue with marijuana, there is one seriously problem that it can cause. More people are driving under the influence. If you live in a state with legal marijuana and someone crashes into you while under the influence, is there anything that you can do about it?

Grocery Shopping Safety – Tips For Preventing Injury And Illness While Food Shopping

Slipping and falling aren't the only issues you can face while buying food, but they do add to the reports of 25,000 people who slip and fall on a daily basis. Grocery stores sometimes have issues with food safety that can cause customers to become ill. These aren't the only dangers; read on to learn more about what could happen at the grocery store and how to keep safe. Physical Safety

5 Steps You Can Take To Avoid Home Foreclosure

The prospect of having your home foreclosed on is terrifying, and if you are close to foreclosure you might feel helpless about the situation. Don't fear, however. Even if you are close to foreclosure, there are a number of things you can do that might save your home from foreclosure. Workout An Agreement The fact of the matter is, most lenders want to work with you regarding a foreclosure. The reason for this is that it is ultimately within their best interest to do so.

Installing And Using A Dashcam: 5 Legal Considerations You Should Make

Dash-mounted cameras (or dashcams) are popular in some countries. Indeed, experts believe that around one million people use the devices in Russia, but dashcam adoption in the United States is a lot slower. The legality of these devices is an issue that may put some drivers off the idea, and it's certainly important to consider how the law feels about these surveillance devices. If you're thinking of installing a dashcam, make sure you learn more about the five following legal issues.

Awake During Surgery? What Are Your Legal Options?

Although hundreds of thousands of surgical operations and other procedures requiring the use of general anesthesia take place each day without incident, in a number of cases (about 1 or 2 in every 1,000 operations), a patient may wake up mid-procedure, or be aware of what is happening but unable to move. This phenomenon, called "anesthesia awareness," can have devastating consequences for your physical and emotional health. In some cases, you may even hear unflattering or untrue comments made by doctors who believe you are unconscious.

Should You Buy A Property With Leased Mineral Rights?

If you're browsing for your family's next home and live in one of several areas of the U.S. known for rich mineral deposits -- crude, coal, copper, or natural gas -- you may find that certain properties in your search include a disclaimer that they are sold subject to an oil or gas lease. These leases can provide regular income to the property owner (often used to help pay down a mortgage) by giving away the right to mine the property for valuable minerals beneath.

Are You A Child Abuse Survivor? You May Be Able To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many times, victims of child abuse suffer silently. They may not have the support of a trusted adult or they may not realize that any harm is being done to them. But then they reach adulthood and start realizing the trauma that was inflicted on them. Many adults who lived through child abuse have post traumatic stress syndrome and some are incapable of leading normal lives due to the abuse they received.