Christmas Fundraising Fraud: 3 Considerations Before Giving to Organizations

The holiday season is often a time of giving. While it's great to be charitable, it's also important to understand exactly who you are giving to. If you give to a cause that is not so charitable, then you have given away precious money that doesn't go to the organization you think it does. Getting scammed around Christmas can come with a lot of hurt feelings and emotions. In cases like this, getting legal help from a lawyer can help prevent your getting ripped off and losing out on money that you deserve.

New Lease On Life: Ban On Sentencing Juveniles To Life Without Parole Applied Retroactively

When juveniles commit serious crimes like murder, it's not unusual for prosecutors to seek and obtain life without parole sentences for them. In 2012, the Supreme Court decided that forcing minors to spend their entire lives behind bars represents cruel and unusual punishment and abolished the practice. However, it was uncertain whether this decision applied to cases that were prosecuted prior to 2012. Recently, the Supreme Court confirmed that people sentenced to life without parole as juveniles are eligible for relief under the new rule.

Financial Benefits Relating To Your Kids You May Gain Through Your Divorce

If you are currently going through a divorce and will be getting custody of your kids, you may be worried about how you will support yourself and your kids on your own. While it can be hard for single parents to do this, there are several different benefits you may receive when you have custody of your kids, especially if you do not earn a lot of money. Here are four important benefits you may be able to take advantage of after your divorce.

Traveling Carnival Workers: 4 Financial Impacts To Consider In A Settlement Case

The summer is a busy time for traveling carnival workers. Every weekend there is a new location to travel to and set up your attraction at. Along with visiting all these different locations, you are often spending a lot of time on the roads between stops. If you've been involved in a car accident during your carnival travels, then you may seek a settlement case for your injuries. Along with compensation for hospitalization and medical costs, there are other factors that can impact your case.

Marijuana Is Allowed In My State -- Are There Still Legal Consequences?

With states like Washington and Colorado legalizing marijuana, you may not think twice about when or where you use your cannabis. But believe it or not, you can be arrested for driving under the influence--whether that's for recreational or medicinal use. You'll want to educate yourself on the changing legal issues and how people are cited so you can take preventative measures.  Why does weed fall under DUI laws? Some people may roll their eyes at DUI laws since marijuana is considered to be a "

What You Need to Know If Your Spouse Is Threatening to Falsely File a PFA Against You

When people in dangerous situations involving domestic violence ask for security, courts can provide protection from abuse (PFA) orders. But this system itself has a potential for being abused. A protection from abuse order is a restraining order, and it can be awarded against someone temporarily simply based on allegations. Of course, when the allegations are true, the plaintiff is protected. However, according to Stop Abuse and Violent Environments, 70% of restraining orders are probably not necessary.

How Can Seasonal Affective Disorder Cause an Auto Accident?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that usually occurs during the winter months. In the United States alone, approximately 11 million people suffer from this unique form of depression. While SAD can have an impact on many aspects of your life, it could also impact your driving abilities in a number of ways, which in turn could make you liable in the event of an automobile accident. Common SAD Symptoms

Injured Due to Airplane Turbulence? Here's What You Need to Know

Airplane turbulence is something that comes with the territory when it comes to air travel—a fact that many frequent flyers know all too well. However, injuries caused by turbulence are a relative rarity. According to recent data from the Federal Aviation Administration, there have been just 234 turbulence accidents between 1980 and 2008 with only 298 serious injuries and 3 fatalities. Just because turbulence injuries are rare doesn't mean they can't happen to you.