Been In An Auto Accident? Cell Phone Records May Help Prove Liability

When it comes to auto accidents, there are many forms of evidence that can be used to prove liability, including photos of the accident scene, eyewitness statement, reconstruction of the accident, and more. One piece of crucial evidence that many people tend to forget about is cell phone records, which can show that one of the drivers who was involved in the wreck was distracted when the collision occurred. Keep reading to learn more about how cell phone records can prove useful in an auto accident claim. [Read More]

Long-Term Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can affect you both in the short-term and long-term. Below are some of the long-term consequences you should be concerned about. Insurance Rate Hike Driving under the influence is dangerous because intoxication impairs judgment, vision, and reaction time, among other effects. Auto insurance companies know this and deem you a dangerous driver if a court convicts you of a DUI. Dangerous drivers pay higher auto insurance rates than other drivers. [Read More]

Why You Should Hire An Immigration Attorney

Being an immigrant in the United States is a blessing, but seeking citizenship can be extremely hard. If you are in the process of trying to gain citizenship, then you may want to hire an immigration lawyer to help you with everything. Even though you can save money by doing things on your own, this article will list a few reasons why you may want to leave the work up to the professionals. [Read More]

Why You Need An Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident

Hiring an attorney after an accident is common, but if you are in an accident that you did not cause, it is critical that you have an attorney that understands the kind of accident you where and how the law regarding it works. A motorcycle accident can be a tough call sometimes, but in more cases than not, the driver that hit the motorcycle is at fault, not the motorcycle. [Read More]