3 Tactics To Help You Increase Your Personal Injury Settlement Offer

Being involved in a serious car accident can result in injuries that leave you in financial trouble. In addition to paying for medical expenses as you recover, you may find that you are unable to work as a result of your injuries so you don't have any money coming in. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a great way to access the financial help to which you are entitled. Many personal injury cases are settled out of court, and there are some simple tactics you can use to help increase the settlement offer extended to you by an insurance company. [Read More]

Can You Move Out Of State With Children After A Divorce?

People, in general, are far more transient than what they have been in the past. Just because you build a life in one state does not always mean that you will live there for the rest of your life, which can pose problems if you marry someone, have children, and then get a divorce. The fact is, everything gets a little tricky if you need to move out of state, but especially if you have children you share with an ex-spouse who has some level of custody. [Read More]

How Does Workers' Comp Handle Out-Of-State Injuries?

When you work and live in the same state, filing a workers' comp claim is fairly straightforward. However, things can become fairly complex pretty quickly if you work in a different state from where your company is located and are hurt on the job. Here are some issues you may encounter when filing a claim for an out-of-state injury with workers' comp. Coverage May Be Time-Restricted A common problem people who are injured while traveling for their jobs or working in out-of-state locations face is that the company's policy may limit how long coverage will apply to people working in extraterritorial areas. [Read More]

Beyond Regular Workers' Compensation: Death Benefits

When workers are injured on the job, workers' comp provides that worker with several valuable benefits. When the worst happens and that worker actually passes away as a result of a workplace injury, there are also valuable benefits available to the worker's loved ones. Read on to learn more about what types of benefits are available and who is eligible to receive them. What Benefits are Available? Keeping in mind that every state has slightly different rules pertaining to death benefits, in most cases the eligible members of the deceased worker's family qualify to receive the same salary portion that hurt workers do. [Read More]