Awake During Surgery? What Are Your Legal Options?

Although hundreds of thousands of surgical operations and other procedures requiring the use of general anesthesia take place each day without incident, in a number of cases (about 1 or 2 in every 1,000 operations), a patient may wake up mid-procedure, or be aware of what is happening but unable to move. This phenomenon, called "anesthesia awareness," can have devastating consequences for your physical and emotional health. In some cases, you may even hear unflattering or untrue comments made by doctors who believe you are unconscious. [Read More]

Should You Buy A Property With Leased Mineral Rights?

If you're browsing for your family's next home and live in one of several areas of the U.S. known for rich mineral deposits -- crude, coal, copper, or natural gas -- you may find that certain properties in your search include a disclaimer that they are sold subject to an oil or gas lease. These leases can provide regular income to the property owner (often used to help pay down a mortgage) by giving away the right to mine the property for valuable minerals beneath. [Read More]

Are You A Child Abuse Survivor? You May Be Able To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many times, victims of child abuse suffer silently. They may not have the support of a trusted adult or they may not realize that any harm is being done to them. But then they reach adulthood and start realizing the trauma that was inflicted on them. Many adults who lived through child abuse have post traumatic stress syndrome and some are incapable of leading normal lives due to the abuse they received. [Read More]

3 Important Legal Tips For Small Business Startups

Starting a new business means navigating through uncharted waters, and sometimes those waters can get pretty rough. You can expect to operate on a shoestring and face unexpected expenses during your early days as a business owner. However, those unexpected expenses don't have to include a lawsuit or legal fines. While it can definitely be tricky to avoid certain legal conflicts, knowing what to expect and where the most common mistakes are made can help you avoid a lot of financial trouble and heartache. [Read More]