Understanding Debt Collection

For those who've fallen behind on bills, there may come a time when the debt gets turned over to a collection agency. In many cases, these collection agencies are legitimate and above-board avenues that allow the credit card or other lenders to settle debts by compromise since these agencies usually collect a fee on each debt collected. No matter how annoying these phone calls and letters can be, there are some rather strict rules about how debt collection activity can proceed, and most all of them obey those rules. [Read More]

Why Adultery As A Divorce Ground Isn'T Automatically Beneficial

Getting cheated on is one of the most hurtful things one can experience in marriage, which is why many expect it to matter during divorce. You can use adultery as a ground for divorce, but don't expect it to automatically work to your benefit. Here are some of the divorce elements that people expect adultery to influence, and how that may happen: Asset Division Asset division is one of the most controversial things during a divorce. [Read More]

3 Things You Must Do After A Slip And Fall

While some people will act responsibly if you had a slip and fall while on their property, others may try to absolve themselves of all responsibility by placing the blame on you.  While you should be receiving compensation for your injury, all you may actually be receiving is problems and unpaid medical bills.  Here are three things you should do after suffering from a slip and fall injury: Hire A Lawyer Right Away [Read More]

Four Records You Will Need To Show That You Deserve Custody Of Your Child

In order to get custody of your child, you need to show that you deserve to have the child. The court will be interested in your relationship with the child prior to the custody hearing, and not just the few days leading up to it. Having these four records will help you do just that: Visitation One of the best ways of getting custody of your child is to show that you have a strong parent-child relationship with your kid. [Read More]