3 Important Legal Tips For Small Business Startups

Starting a new business means navigating through uncharted waters, and sometimes those waters can get pretty rough. You can expect to operate on a shoestring and face unexpected expenses during your early days as a business owner. However, those unexpected expenses don't have to include a lawsuit or legal fines. While it can definitely be tricky to avoid certain legal conflicts, knowing what to expect and where the most common mistakes are made can help you avoid a lot of financial trouble and heartache. [Read More]

Getting Divorced? 2 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Social Media Immediately

When your spouse starts talking about divorce, you might be more concerned about your kids or your physical assets than you are about your social media account. Unfortunately, social media is gaining popularity in the courtroom. In fact, according to one study, 81% of Matrimonial Lawyers have used or faced evidence from social media in court. Here are two things you need to stop doing on social media immediately, and how your actions could affect your divorce proceedings: [Read More]

Divorcing A Military Member? What Should You Know?

If you've recently made the difficult decision to file for divorce from your spouse, you're probably feeling unsettled and wondering about what will happen next. These feelings and questions can be compounded if your spouse is a member of the military. You may be concerned about your ability to relocate away from your spouse's station, or whether you and your spouse will be able to successfully co-parent your children. You might also have financial concerns, particularly when it comes to retirement decisions. [Read More]

Will The Bankruptcy Court Sell Pets And Other Animals?

Most people who end up in bankruptcy court don't know anything about the process, so it's not unusual for them to be confronted with unexpected and unpleasant surprises after they file petitions. One of those surprises is debtors are required to list their pets and other animals they own as part of their assets, which leaves many petitioners wondering if the trustee will actually sell them to pay off creditors. Although it's exceptionally rare for this to happen, it is possible that you may have to give up your animals when you file for bankruptcy. [Read More]