Three Types Of Injuries To Watch For After A Car Accident

With nearly ten million vehicles involved in traffic accidents in 2013, that's a lot of potential injuries. If you've never been in a car accident before, not only are you lucky, but you may also not know what to expect in the event that one does happen. Understanding the most common injuries that you're likely to experience can help you determine your overall condition after that first accident. This is important, because it will help you recognize when you need to seek not only medical care but also legal support. [Read More]

What To Do After You're Hit By Someone On Legal Marijuana

Seventy-eight years after the prohibition of marijuana, it's legal in four states--Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado, along with Washington D.C. According to NORML, 11 more states might be joining the cause. These include California, Nevada, California, Minnesota, and several New England states. While many people don't seem to have an issue with marijuana, there is one seriously problem that it can cause. More people are driving under the influence. If you live in a state with legal marijuana and someone crashes into you while under the influence, is there anything that you can do about it? [Read More]

Grocery Shopping Safety – Tips For Preventing Injury And Illness While Food Shopping

Slipping and falling aren't the only issues you can face while buying food, but they do add to the reports of 25,000 people who slip and fall on a daily basis. Grocery stores sometimes have issues with food safety that can cause customers to become ill. These aren't the only dangers; read on to learn more about what could happen at the grocery store and how to keep safe. Physical Safety [Read More]

5 Steps You Can Take To Avoid Home Foreclosure

The prospect of having your home foreclosed on is terrifying, and if you are close to foreclosure you might feel helpless about the situation. Don't fear, however. Even if you are close to foreclosure, there are a number of things you can do that might save your home from foreclosure. Workout An Agreement The fact of the matter is, most lenders want to work with you regarding a foreclosure. The reason for this is that it is ultimately within their best interest to do so. [Read More]