Why Pro Se Divorces End Up Requiring A Lawyer's Help

When you decide to do a pro se divorce, you may be thinking it is the easiest thing in the world. Your partner may be quite agreeable to the terms you both decide are fair and equitable. The paperwork you need to file is all online and printable, and you only have to pay court filing fees. Simple, right? Sure, at the moment, but situations change, and divorced partners rarely like how things turn out, especially when one partner begins to succeed in life and has more than the other partner or the other partner wants more time with the kids than he or she originally agreed to. [Read More]

Company Legal Issues You Can And Can't Handle On Your Own

When you run a business, everything is your responsibility, from marketing to payroll. However, one thing that doesn't necessarily need to be up to you is handling legal matters. There are some legal situations that come up that you and your qualified staff can handle, but for other situations you should really have a company lawyer. Here are some things you can and can't handle on your own. Terminating Employment When a Lawsuit is Possible [Read More]

Are You A Property Management Company? Use Written Rental Applications To Avoid Liability

As a property management company, you have to ensure that your property gets good tenants. They have to be able to pay rent on time. They also need to have a history of good behavior, something that guarantees that they won't damage your property or be a danger to other tenants. This is why the screening process is a must if you want to avoid the stress that usually comes with managing rental properties. [Read More]

Divorcing More Than The Spouse: Who Gets Rover?

Who gets the pets when you and your spouse divorce? Pets are considered personal property no matter what state you live in and must go through the same protocol as divvying up the house, land, and personal belongings. All divorce proceedings follow the same procedure regarding personal property--even who gets Miss Kitty, Goldie the Goldfish, or Rover the Roving Bulldog. You'll be asked: Do you live in a community property state where everything is split in half? [Read More]